A Letter To Me

To see what has changed about me in ten years time, here is a letter to myself to read and reflect on.

In ten years time I will be 31. Quite a large gap, so I am not really certain how my wants will change, but right now I mostly just want to get a decent job and alright place to live. I am alright with living somewhere fairly local, but anywhere along the east coast no further south than Virginia is alright with me. I would hope that I would have a healthy marriage by the time I’m 31, but at the moment am not at all fond of the idea of kids (I wonder if I’ll ever not dislike babies).

My big dreams, that I doubt I’ll ever really accomplish, are of course winning the lottery and being able to do a world tour, but that’s not particularly surprising, nor doable and I wouldn’t doubt that myself reading this wen I’m 31 would want to win the lottery too. So yeah, not too much exciting stuff here. The only real big change I could ever see between my wants now and my wants when I’m 31 is possibly having a child, since that often becomes more of a biological imperative at some point, but right now looking forward I do not want one at all.

Oh also, VR is a dumb, overhyped gimmick. This is my thoughts on it right now, so I’m putting this down in case it becomes actually cool in the future so I can definitely have something to look back and laugh at myself over

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