A rogue order

Richard gazed deep into Elizabeth’s eyes, his blue orbs holding back tears. For days he had been suffering from the tortures of being away from his one true love and finally, here before him, soon to  be revealed, was what he had been dreaming of. Soft and warm, ready to comfort him like no other could. No more would the other lads of the castle make fun of him for being the only one without, no more would he have the black ornament of shame upon his head, no more would the winter nights be grey and cold, for he was finally to be reunited.

Elizabeth stopped her work, quickly pulling the needle through the cloth and setting it down. She laid her hand in Richard’s as he reached out, and stared back into his eyes. She could see his lust, making her grin at the surprise she was about to give him.

“Is…Is it finally ready?” Richard ask, his voice little more than a whisper.

Elizabeth silently unveiled the cloth object she had been working on to reveal a cap of the deepest red. Immediately, Richard’s face fell and his gaze went back to Elizabeth, devoid of emotion.

“I…Had asked for a rouge cap…This is…Maroon.”

“Well, maybe you should spellcheck your work order next time!” Elizabeth exclaimed, beaming at the prank she had carefully worked on crafting daily for the last three weeks.


Who doesn’t love a joke? Admittedly, it’s pretty lame, but I really was not feeling like any actual love story, and worse, pretty much every picture I found fitting the theme was just some variant of the utterly generic “stare deeply into each others from inches apart” trope, how bland! Instead, I started searching for medieval/renaissance art because it can often look downright silly by our standards (seriously, so many giant snails in medieval art, it’s pretty funny) and I found this picture of supposed ‘lovers’ in it and thought it was great. The man looks so utterly bored out of his mind while the old woman looks far too pleased with herself.

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