Character concept: Richard Crawlston

Age: 51

Height: 6 feet 2 inches

hair: bald

Dress: Worn-out dress clothes, shoes, and top hat

Description: Gaunt and bony, but not stooped with age. Richard has long legs and deep lines on his face. Always has a long barreled revolver on his belt and a cane in his gnarled hand. Has sunken eyes and no missing teeth. Lives in a small cottage in the town of Glint’s cemetery..

Bio: Avoided by most of the townsfolk, Richard is the groundskeeper, undertaker, and mortician of the town’s dead. Nobody quite remembers when he moved in, to the townsfolk he has seemed to be around indefinitely. He only appears to quickly take a body away and occasionally is spied walking through the graveyard at night. It is always quite the argument to see who will be sent to Richard’s cottage to fetch him in the event of someone’s death, with whoever sent often just knocking on the door and leaving a note instead of facing the man in person. It is often said that the streets empty twice in a gunfight, once when it happens, and again when the undertaker’s black cart rolls down the street.

Stories abound through the town about him. Many theorize that he is a sad old man who lost his wife or child to Typhoid, and now lives on their grave to be close, others simply say he is a man who realized his dreams of gold in California were for nought, and now lives out the remainder of his days waiting to die. Yet more say that he is the reaper’s personal assistant and that he dances with skeletons on full moons. Few, if any have tried to talk to him to set the record straight.

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