Create a character: Mannfred ‘Sandbar’ Black

Name: Mannfred ‘Sandbar’ Black

facial hair: thick dark brown beard

clothing: tall, worn boots, brown legs with tattered ends, simple cloth tunic with leather chest piece over it

weapons: two cutlasses at his waist

personality: loud and boisterous, as willing to spend a night in the bar getting plastered with his mates as he is to rough up a man who hasn’t paid his protection dues to whoever is paying Mannfred to collect debts.

Backstory: Once he served on one of the most famous privateer ships that sailed the seas, hunting down foes of the city of Cairno and ravaging enemy merchant ships for loot. After it got sunk by a mysterious ship that did not fly any flag, he washed up on a sandbar near Cairno where he was saved by some fishermen, since then he returned to Cairno and started simply making ends meet in the slums of the harbour, often acting as an enforcer for the multitude of crime lords there and occasionally smuggling things into and out of the city on his small dinghy. He hopes to one day get back out onto the open sea as the captain of his own ship


I’m actually somewhat surprised I found this in fanfic, and very glad I did. Sounds right up the alley of a person that plays d&d, so I am pretty much putting down the character concept of my most recent player character in a D&D campaign I’m playing in.

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