Ramblin’ about Ramble On

I love metal, classic rock, and folk (as in traditional folk, not blue grass) music. When this assignment came up I decided to do it, but I wasn’t sure on what song. A lot of what I like is just hard driving stuff that I thinks sounds cool or ‘epic’ or whatever, not something that I choose because I have some spiritual connection or it has some deep meaning to me. So after some thought I chose Ramble On by Led Zeppelin to explain a song. I simply wrote a speech, recorded it, and posted it on soundcloud.

One thought on “Ramblin’ about Ramble On”

  1. I love this song, and I love all the references to Lord of the Rings in Led Zeppelin’s music. I made a video of Lord of the Rings Online game event with Misty Mountain Hop back in the day.

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