The Backwater Gospel Movie Trailer

First off, before I go any further here, I have to give a shout out to The Backwater Gospel animated short on youtube. I had seen the video a couple of years ago, but forgot about it until I was trying to figure out something to use for a movie trailer for this assignment. When I remembered it it was great, it was both western and partially about an undertaker/mortician that was viewed as otherworldly! Perfect!

So anyhow, I went and downloaded the movie from youtube and made a short voiceoer in Audacity for a trailer and then mashed the two together! While I do not think that an enire town would murder itself over Crawlston arriving there, like what happens in the movie (spoiler, sorry!) I certainly could see unrest and a sort of horror-esque atmosphere descending upon the town as they worry about this mystery figure from which  stories start to form.

Just gonna throw this out there again, watch the full movie!

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