The Wild Seven

The Seven Character Story Treatment assignment seemed perfect for using the class’s various characters. Classic teamup movies where wildly different characters must form a cohesive whole is also such a common trope, so this just seemed too perfect to pass up.



The job was impossible, steal the entire wealth of the Quinada gang from right under their noses. The same Quinada gang that had just wiped out an entire U.S. infantry base for that same wealth barely two months ago. Who had brought them together, none were certain, but each had gotten a letter telling them just what they needed to hear to get them on the job.

Kyle Masala, an ex soldier in the army who knew many of the men the Quinada gang killed who wants to see their spirits put to rest.

Jacali, the Apache tribe who can guide the group┬áto the Quinada gang’s holdout to briefly get away from her husband and because the mysterious benefactor promised protection from U.S. encroachment for her tribe.

“The Unexpected Gun”, the son of a sheriff who secretly helps his father take down criminals, despite nobody knowing he’s the fastest gun in the west, the letter was explicitly addressed to him to heed the call and reclaim the gold.

Merrel Shale, the gambler who could stay calm in any situation. This endeavour was sold to him as the biggest gamble of his life, enough gold to set him for life, and all he had to do was get the group in.

Andy Slupek, the bank robber. Despite eluding the bounty hunters seeking the fortune put on his head, the same letter that found everyone else found him as well. The greatest heist in history, making even the sum on his head seem paltry in comparison.

Agnus, a bar tender out to save her bar from debt, when she overheard the group talking about their big plan, she gave them a simple ultimatum, cut her in on the deal, or the gossip wheel would start churning.

Richard Crawlston, a gaunt old undertaker who arrived with no letter, but a derringer and a carriage big enough for the seven of them.

Together, they form the Wild Seven, to clash with the Quinada gang is their destiny.

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