Thoughts on written westerns

So having read a few westerns, one of the most noticeable things seems to be a strong sense of cultural norms, beliefs, and values, which makes sense seeing as westerns are written in a specific time period normally. There is a strong emphasis on race, with Ice Man being a modern take specifically playing off of and making fun of the classic Western ‘white man’ and ‘The Bride Comes To Yellow Sky’ being an almost archetypal view of races with races always being clearly described and black men being referred to as ‘negros’ who, in the story, universally worked in servant roles.

Men were also always the main actors in both stories with the women doing relatively little other than slight commentary and deferring to the male in the story.

Of course Westerns can have many forms and there are going to be many that will have strong female or non white leads, but even in those stories they will most likely be facing the challenges unique to the time period/place for women and minourities. Of course Western stories also have more to them than just these cultural norms of the time, but they are an excellent example of how a large part of the Western is its unique culture

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