Week in review 12

Remixes were pretty fun to do, getting to indulge all of my dumb nerdy passtimes and go rewatch/relisten to loved videos and songs was great, from the Warlords of Draenor intro trailer to change the pretty epic line “We will never be slaves…But we will be CONQUERORS” to sandwiches was fun, taking star wars and mixing it with a World of Warcraft “icon” was great, and changing Black Sabbath’s cover art while keeping it very much in tact was awesome! The only one that I wasn’t wild about was the Civil War scene edit I made, the picture quality came out poor, and the mustaches just look sort of dumb.


A dreadful album for a dreadful legend.

Bringing balance

Civil War, Crossover Edition

Grom and Heavy speech teamup

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A dreadful album for a dreadful legend.

black sabbath

Tells of Mr, Crawlston have circulated through the West for generations, becoming its own corner of paranormal/pop culture storytelling that people love to use again…and again…and again…ad nauseum thinking they’re being edgy and clever.

It is no different with the British upstart band “Black Sabbath”, a bunch of dour, talentless hacks that think that basing their style off of satanic ‘worshhip’ somehow makes them good as opposed to just another piece of drivel trying to make their break in the U.S. riding the wave of anglophilia left by the their almost equally talentless predecessors. For their first album, they unashamedly slap on a likeness of the famous Crawlston to catch the attention of their audience, which I assure you, must just be teenagers looking to be rebellious in the face of their parents noble protests, for no self respecting adult would buy this drivel. Looking past the cliche that is this album’s cover, the record itself contains no saving grace though. It starts with a trudging, minour key filled track that simply put me to sleep while Mr. Osbourne droned on in what seemed like a poor attempt at poetry and just when I thought the track could not get any worse (and when I was just falling cozily into sleep) it starts rasping on dreadfully with loud electric guitar riffs, by Mr Iommi and Mr. Butler, that were like nails on a chalk board.

I say to you parents, please do not let your children listen to this filth, the only way to get this DRECK off the airways is by squelching its source of popularity and no good Christian parent would let their child listen to this satan aggrandizing racket, regardless of if it is seriously worshiping satan or just looking for the image. Let Mr. Crawlston remain a story you tell to your little kids to make them behave, not a symbol of the “counter culture”.



So this assignment I had a lot of fun with, I got the remix ‘Stuffy Art Critic’ for it and went full at it. Let it be clear, I adore Black Sabbath, so this was all done satirically. For the main part of the assignment, the album cover remix, I made it fairly small scale, finding a picture that fit Richard Crawlston and photoshopping it in place of Ozzy on the album art, implying that Crawlston’s story has ballooned as time past, and by the 70s he’s become a  pop culture icon of the paranormal

Civil War, Crossover Edition

Everyone is excited for the big Marvel Cinematic Universe take on the events of Civil War, but the DC Cinematic Universe was feeling a bit left out once it realized its big showdown only contained three heroes in it, so Superman jumped universe to join in on the fun.

Somewhere along the way he must have jumped to the wrong earth though, as this earth seems to have an epidemic of mustaches!

civil war

Edited to include Superman and got the mustache remix, so put mustaches on a couple of characters

Bringing balance

“It is the only way.”

“Let me in.”

“Together we will bring balance to the force.”

“It is for the greater good.”

“You must simply…Bring me the seeds.”

And with that, Anakin finally gave in, he gave in to all his darkest thoughts and desires in his quest to save Padme. In that moment, Anakin fell…To Darth Pepe.


Pepe, the much loved companion of thousands of World of Warcraft players corrupting Anakin Skywalker