End of Year Reflection

I’ll be honest, this class had its ups and downs for me. I know I missed one week due to being injured, and then skipped a week due to workload, but the rest was a mixed bag. I of course loved the first period of the class that was writing, and the radioshow was a fair bit of fun as well. The video was mostly alright…But the web portion of the class and anything involving photography? Those things kill my will.

This is pretty much entirely my fault here for not doing my research, but I had assumed the class was way more writing intensive, and not so much other forms of creativity, and while I am not bashing these other means of creativity, some of them are simply not an enjoyable way for me to express myself.

The class was actually quite solid though, a lot of the videos and articles we were required to watch or read were still interesting, and even if I did not necessarily enjoy creating in that specific medium, I still enjoyed reading those articles (and watching a couple of those old cowboy movies!)

Overall, I’d certainly recommend it to anybody who is really into multimedia art forms, or really wants to try a tiny bit of absolutely everything, but if you were hoping for more niche focuses, do not expect to spend more than a week on your favoured medium.

Miner’s Misfortune

So, let’s talk about this Choose Your Own Adventure I made.

It was honestly a fair bit of work. While true, a lot of it was simple if/else statements or case statements, you do not realize how much bigger things get when there’s alternative paths. Just the first split lead to significant challenges, and trying to make your choices seem like they mattered in the grand scheme of things.

Secondly, getting Java to play sound was a lot harder than I thought, most of the ways to do it are hugely messy code that takes dozens of lines for a single file, but the way I found to do it only took four. The fault in my method is that it could get deprecated and entirely stop working in the future (not the immediate future mind you, but when something gets updated later on).

Finding pictures was also fun, if difficult. I had originally wanted to go with a much more standard Western tone in the beginning, but then I found this picture


and thought it was super cool, so instead I made it a short story about some evil gang of marauders who prey on the people coming west to find their future, and enslave them in their own mines, so this required getting pictures for a radically different sort of art and rewriting some bits of the narrative I had been working on at first.

All in all, my only regret of this project was I was not able to figure out how to get it compiled into an executable file, I posted the how-to to get my project running in the previous blog, and it at least has its own benefit of possibly introducing somebody to programming, which is nice, but still.

Otherwise, I’m relatively happy how this turned out, it uses images, sounds, the ability to make choices, and text based storytelling all in one

Link to how to:

Miner’s Misfortune How To

Link to end of year reflection

End of Year Reflection


Miner’s Misfortune How To

Whoo, so the final project is DONE.


So to run my little story, you will have to go through a couple of steps, but don’t worry! They’re pretty simple. Go to this website here and download the option that says Netbeans Platform SDK, this is an Integrated Development Environment that lets you run and edit code, in this case, Java. Once you have it running and you’re in the IDE, go to the top of the program and click Team>Git>Clone as you can see in this picture


This will take you to this page

In the Repository URL field, put in this link https://github.com/ashran32/WildWest and leave the User, Password, and Clone into fields alone. On the next page select master branch if it’s not already selected

and finally select finish on this page

Now, select open project (or go to files>openproject and select WildWest), and then hit the green triangle button to run, it should look something like this

Now, you can look at the code, and see it run! You can even edit it if you wish!

Week 14 progress: Code!

So for the final project, I decided I want to make a program to tell the story! I don’t know if a program would necessarily count as a format all its own, but I do know how to make a program have images popup, and I believe (though I’ve not looked into it) that having an audio file play isn’t too far beyond that, though if it is I can easily provide links to Youtube. The basic idea is that this is a text based choose your own adventure story game where you go through the story and may find different things happening, or potentially, your death, from taking different paths offered. I want to take the map idea mentioned in the assignment post and expand it into a small minigame perhaps, where, if I can find (or make) a good enough map, I’ll have it display at times with choices on which direction to go based on events, as well as some other possible ideas. For now though, I’ve only started the earliest parts of it and have a couple images in mind to show early on. Anyhow, here’s a quick picture of the code from the beginning of the program and one of the first pictures that’ll pop up, of
your character.


I may end up making a Github repository for this so I can link to it for code viewing instead of just giving pictures of it or copying it into the post since the text becomes almost incomprehensibly blurry (Github is an online version control and management service for code that can be used to store, access, share, and jointly work on software with other people). In short what I have created right now though is just a simple start up menu with the start, about, and quit options(pictured), as well as the first few moments of the game and first choice written (not pictured).