Week 10 in review

Not sure what to say this week, video assignments weren’t too bad, I liked reading some of the articles on cinematography and Every Frame A Painting seems like a cool youtube channel, but when I found myself trying to actually decide what type of shot something was, I honestly couldn’t, I guess I’m not cut out to be a cinematographer! Anyhow, this month also really killed my monthly data limits between having to upload videos and download/stream stuff multiple times, so while I did actually sort of like creating some of the video stuff, I can say I’m glad its done for this week!


Video Essay on Django Unchained Cinematography

The Backwater Gospel Movie Trailer

Singing fun

My ‘exciting’ hobby, painting miniatures.





Week 9 in review

I got to do some writing this week again! Whoo, it was fairly fun, though I’ll be honest I was kind of disappointed at the lack of writing assignments for characters. I hope it was alright that I twisted some of the writing assignments to be usable in the context of our characters, especially in regards to my first assignment, “Space Reclamation” (probably not a great title). I also hope everyone’s alright with my short representation of their characters for “The Wild Seven” intro.



Space Reclamation

The Wild Seven

The Wild Seven Haiku



Week in Review 8

So it was nice having it easy for the past two weeks, the radioshow ended up being fun to do with others and while it did take up a fair bit of time during Spring break, it still left plenty of time to relax. I didone of the dailycreates around the same time which left me with nothing to do this week which felt sort of odd. I’m ready to start revving back up for next week now though! I thought it’d be easy to get a lot of comments this week since everyone has radioshows, but sadly not many seem to have put them up yet so I’m mostly just commenting on dailycreates this week it seems.

Here’s my radioshow week 2 post and both my dailycreates. Side note, I love the band Faun, so glad Friday’s dailycreate allows me to mention it!








Week 7 in review

So last week was a tough week. Breaking my leg on Wednesday kind of overwhelmed all other school work I was doing and Week 6 ended up getting literally nothing except a single daily create on tuesday, but I’m back now, and with all of week 7 nicely completed! I’ve gotten more comfortable with Audacity and I sorta had fun making the tombcast poster. Anything involving listening to music I love is also alright in my book, so even though I made a fool of myself ‘singing’ to sympathy for the devil, I still had fun doing it. Anyhow, here’s my work. Side note, I just realized I didn’t actually upload the picture alongside my response to Thursday’s daily create, oops! here it is anyway.



Poor singing of The Rolling Stones Sympathy For The Devil

Come listen to Tombcast Radio!

Radioshow prep

Buy saddles today! Radio commercial

A Friendly Talk With The Sheriff Starring Mr. Crawlston

Week in review 5

So this week I had to do a lot of audio recording stuff, I can’t say I enjoyed it because, as I’m sure many people can agree, I hate hearing my own voice. I was able to talk about music for a bit at least, which is always nice because I love music, but I would have still rather done it over text format than having to give a short speech about it. Audacity was also a pain in the ass to use, probably largely because of my unfamiliarity with it, but also because very few things had good labeling, I moused over so many things hoping for the tooltip to actually explain what it was used for, or tried right clicking things to have options, all to no avail. I never did learn how to use trim and most of my editing consisted of just using the cut tool repeatedly, so I can’t say I’ll miss using Audacity. I’ll leave audio editing to the professionals and actual hobbyists .

Audio reflection

ds106 radio bumper

Ramblin’ about Ramble On

A noisy day at school


Week Three summary

So I am not really certain what to continue talking about here, I read some western stories, read some interesting things about content from the time period, and voiced my opinions on some of it this week. I definitely prefer assignments like the character concept much more than the ‘write a letter to mom/your past or future self’. The cow brand dailycreate was sort of fun, though I wish I had been more creative than just my initials. Finding history in my neighbourhood wasn’t so great though, so I made a more jokey post than anything (I am not that vain as to think that me moving in there years ago was actually important!)

Thoughts on written westerns

Character concept: Richard Crawlston

A Letter To Me

The Shape of a Story





What a second week

Whoo boy, did I almost goof up week two really hard! I figured looking over everything on Wednesday like I had last time would give me plenty of time to do everything (2 and a half whole days seemed like more than enough time!) I didn’t think things would pick up so rapidly!

Turns out I needed to turn in week 1’s stuff on Canvas, I needed to come up with ideas due that night, and I had 3 days to do 3 daily creates and 3 of the assignments! Then, what’s worse is because I fail at reading, I ended up doing three assignments from the same set before realizing I needed to do assignments from different sets! I feel fairly confident I pulled through though, other than my motivational poster which is a bit light on text (I don’t know what else to add as far as that’s concerned) but, boy, I got everything done! I even added an image of good ol’ Django to my side bar. I sort of like the current theme honestly though.

Next week: Start earlier!

Here’s my posts

Yes, he knows.

A blunt guest


Create a character: Mannfred ‘Sandbar’ Black


Here are my daily creates for the week

My week in review: The west

So, after reading some articles talking about the Western genre and how it’s current relevance is, I have to say I am a bit surprised at their (and assumedly, their readers) grim views on the matter. Yes, clearly the ‘day’ of the westerner is over in that they’re not being churned out like candy before Halloween, but it seems to be at a place of decent stability. A new western movie gets put out every year or so, which is not too terrible a rate, and while there were a few flubs (The Lone Ranger, which failed for other reasons than that it was ‘a western’), there have been a tonne of successes. The Hateful Eight literally just released over Winter break even! Not only that, but in other forms of media the western is still pretty highly lauded with strong western themes appearing in comics (like the Red Wolf comic I previously mentioned buying) and in games such as Red Dead Redemption, a western in the truest sense that is met with huge critical acclaim (and is getting a sequel). And this is before taking into account the numerous more minour ways Westerns pop up in ‘cameo’ rolls of archetypes like ‘the lone gunman’ and ‘the bounty hunter’ in almost every form of media.


Honestly, I gave it some thought, and honestly the only thing that I really feel is needed to get a ‘Western’ feel is a sense of lawlessness, not necessarily like rioting random acts of murder lawlessness, but in that there are regular means of resolving conflicts through non judicial means (feuds, bounties, etc), mixed with a theme of a dangerous frontier. Many different popular media take and use this, from the ‘Outer Rim’ of Star Wars to the bounty hunters of Cowboy Bebop (the only anime I ever particularly liked). One doesn’t need a horse, a Stetson, and a revolver to make a Western, and while I am uncertain I agree with some of the lines of reasoning and evolution that the author of the article “The Grand Horse Opera” makes, I definitely agree with his overarching argument that the western can be used to tell a myriad of stories (although some of the best come from the theme of becoming outmoded relics of the past, which the western often does particularly well in stories involving the civilizing of whatever frontier, land, or problem that often lead to the generation of hardened people who grew up only learning how to deal with those problems)

As an aside, not talking about Westerns here, I feel like Flickr, at least on the computer (I have not downloaded it on my phone yet because I never felt the need to share my photos in that way before) has a somewhat poorly designed webpage.