Miner’s Misfortune How To

Whoo, so the final project is DONE.


So to run my little story, you will have to go through a couple of steps, but don’t worry! They’re pretty simple. Go to this website here and download the option that says Netbeans Platform SDK, this is an Integrated Development Environment that lets you run and edit code, in this case, Java. Once you have it running and you’re in the IDE, go to the top of the program and click Team>Git>Clone as you can see in this picture


This will take you to this page

In the Repository URL field, put in this link https://github.com/ashran32/WildWest and leave the User, Password, and Clone into fields alone. On the next page select master branch if it’s not already selected

and finally select finish on this page

Now, select open project (or go to files>openproject and select WildWest), and then hit the green triangle button to run, it should look something like this

Now, you can look at the code, and see it run! You can even edit it if you wish!

Week 11 in review: Ya dun’ goofed again.

Whelp, hadn’t thought about anything all week, then a mate of mine texts me about a video assignment he did for the week and it hit me like a tonne of bricks, I’ve done nothing for the class this week! So I’ve now raced back home to do what I can before leaving out again and here’s what I got. I at least tried to make what I did fit in with my character Crawlston, adding more elements to the ‘puzzle’ as it were

Morose Morse

What’s the weather?

A papercraft clue




Audio reflection

Sound is of course hugely important to media, discussion, emotion, etc. I can entirely agree to that line of thought, give a sad moment, say a character leaving forever or sacrificing them self an appropriate piece of music to accompany it and it will go from being sad to being a massive emotional hammer blow. I’m not certain I agree that giving a happy scene happy music makes it all that much happier (as the seal example in the TED talk prior to the speaker saying it depressed her would seem to indicate), but maybe that’s just because its more subtle, or you’re just paying less attention to the sound when something happy happens as opposed to when something sad happens. The absence of sound is also important, for it certainly did emphasize the shock of the TED speaker saying it seemed depressing.

When the radio show continued on though, I found myself quickly losing interest, and I doubt that even if it did continue on in the clip presented, I would have kept listening. Unlike what Jab said, I cannot find myself able to keep interested in just a voice talking, I get restless, I want to do other things, but if I do other things I end up focusing more on that than the voice and whatever they’re saying just becomes brief, meaningless snippets. At the very least I need the visual element of being able to watch the person speak, like Jab or Ira to keep my attention. You’ll probably never find me listening to an audio book or talk show radio, it’ll almost always be music because I do not need to focus on it to enjoy it, and if I do want to focus on it, I can focus at any point and understand and enjoy the music for that moment, where as with radio shows or the like, I’ll just hear a random sentence without context that can easily be devoid of meaning without having heard the previous bits of the conversation. Of course, I’m by no means saying that radio’s dead, I know for a fact that many people still adore it, or listen in to non musical entertainment that is still audio only, but to me it was hardly ever alive.

History with photography

I’ll just say it now, I’m not a big fan of photography at all.

Yes, of course it can be beautiful, and it can be art, and all that…

But I think that all the wannabes with an expensive camera have made me a bit cynical, there are way too any people that  take a picture of a flower with a filter and call it art, and even worse, all the crummy images that blow up on social media.

But honestly, what I dislike most about it is that it takes away from the moment of things, seriously, when I see something spectacular, I want to get the experience of seeing it, not looking at it through some lens (or screen) for 15 minutes, during which time something that should be spectacular becomes an exercise in the mundane as someone tries to get that *perfect* artistic or picturesque shot. I now no longer have an ACTUAL memory of this place, I have a cheap physical “memory”.

Of course, a quick snap in passing is fine, but it should not take more than a minute to get that picture…So yeah, you can definitely tell I do not have a style

What a second week

Whoo boy, did I almost goof up week two really hard! I figured looking over everything on Wednesday like I had last time would give me plenty of time to do everything (2 and a half whole days seemed like more than enough time!) I didn’t think things would pick up so rapidly!

Turns out I needed to turn in week 1’s stuff on Canvas, I needed to come up with ideas due that night, and I had 3 days to do 3 daily creates and 3 of the assignments! Then, what’s worse is because I fail at reading, I ended up doing three assignments from the same set before realizing I needed to do assignments from different sets! I feel fairly confident I pulled through though, other than my motivational poster which is a bit light on text (I don’t know what else to add as far as that’s concerned) but, boy, I got everything done! I even added an image of good ol’ Django to my side bar. I sort of like the current theme honestly though.

Next week: Start earlier!

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