End of Year Reflection

I’ll be honest, this class had its ups and downs for me. I know I missed one week due to being injured, and then skipped a week due to workload, but the rest was a mixed bag. I of course loved the first period of the class that was writing, and the radioshow was a fair bit of fun as well. The video was mostly alright…But the web portion of the class and anything involving photography? Those things kill my will.

This is pretty much entirely my fault here for not doing my research, but I had assumed the class was way more writing intensive, and not so much other forms of creativity, and while I am notĀ bashing these other means of creativity, some of themĀ are simply not an enjoyable way for me to express myself.

The class was actually quite solid though, a lot of the videos and articles we were required to watch or read were still interesting, and even if I did not necessarily enjoy creating in that specific medium, I still enjoyed reading those articles (and watching a couple of those old cowboy movies!)

Overall, I’d certainly recommend it to anybody who is really into multimedia art forms, or really wants to try a tiny bit of absolutely everything, but if you were hoping for more niche focuses, do not expect to spend more than a week on your favoured medium.

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