Miner’s Misfortune

So, let’s talk about this Choose Your Own Adventure I made.

It was honestly a fair bit of work. While true, a lot of it was simple if/else statements or case statements, you do not realize how much bigger things get when there’s alternative paths. Just the first split lead to significant challenges, and trying to make your choices seem like they mattered in the grand scheme of things.

Secondly, getting Java to play sound was a lot harder than I thought, most of the ways to do it are hugely messy code that takes dozens of lines for a single file, but the way I found to do it only took four. The fault in my method is that it could get deprecated and entirely stop working in the future (not the immediate future mind you, but when something gets updated later on).

Finding pictures was also fun, if difficult. I had originally wanted to go with a much more standard Western tone in the beginning, but then I found this picture


and thought it was super cool, so instead I made it a short story about some evil gang of marauders who prey on the people coming west to find their future, and enslave them in their own mines, so this required getting pictures for a radically different sort of art and rewriting some bits of the narrative I had been working on at first.

All in all, my only regret of this project was I was not able to figure out how to get it compiled into an executable file, I posted the how-to to get my project running in the previous blog, and it at least has its own benefit of possibly introducing somebody to programming, which is nice, but still.

Otherwise, I’m relatively happy how this turned out, it uses images, sounds, the ability to make choices, and text based storytelling all in one

Link to how to:

Miner’s Misfortune How To

Link to end of year reflection

End of Year Reflection


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