Week 11 in review: Ya dun’ goofed again.

Whelp, hadn’t thought about anything all week, then a mate of mine texts me about a video assignment he did for the week and it hit me like a tonne of bricks, I’ve done nothing for the class this week! So I’ve now raced back home to do what I can before leaving out again and here’s what I got. I at least tried to make what I did fit in with my character Crawlston, adding more elements to the ‘puzzle’ as it were

Morose Morse

What’s the weather?

A papercraft clue




A papercraft clue


What? How odd, a tombstone with Crawlston on it, and his first name’s initial…




Just made a quick papercraft prop of a tombstone, simple and easy to make, all you have to do is download a template from a website, print it, cut it out, and follow the folding lines with some glue!

Week 10 in review

Not sure what to say this week, video assignments weren’t too bad, I liked reading some of the articles on cinematography and Every Frame A Painting seems like a cool youtube channel, but when I found myself trying to actually decide what type of shot something was, I honestly couldn’t, I guess I’m not cut out to be a cinematographer! Anyhow, this month also really killed my monthly data limits between having to upload videos and download/stream stuff multiple times, so while I did actually sort of like creating some of the video stuff, I can say I’m glad its done for this week!


Video Essay on Django Unchained Cinematography

The Backwater Gospel Movie Trailer

Singing fun

My ‘exciting’ hobby, painting miniatures.





The Backwater Gospel Movie Trailer

First off, before I go any further here, I have to give a shout out to The Backwater Gospel animated short on youtube. I had seen the video a couple of years ago, but forgot about it until I was trying to figure out something to use for a movie trailer for this assignment. When I remembered it it was great, it was both western and partially about an undertaker/mortician that was viewed as otherworldly! Perfect!

So anyhow, I went and downloaded the movie from youtube and made a short voiceoer in Audacity for a trailer and then mashed the two together! While I do not think that an enire town would murder itself over Crawlston arriving there, like what happens in the movie (spoiler, sorry!) I certainly could see unrest and a sort of horror-esque atmosphere descending upon the town as they worry about this mystery figure from which  stories start to form.

Just gonna throw this out there again, watch the full movie!

Singing fun

Saw this assignment and thought it seemed pretty fun, so I chose Gaelic Storm’s Johnny tarr. I doubt many people listen to this type of music, but its great! So I just had some fun and sung along to it!

When I edited the song into the video, it ended up perfectly fitting on top of the video, no finessing needed to get it to line up!

Here’s a youtube link to the song if anybody wants it, Johnny Tarr


My ‘exciting’ hobby, painting miniatures.

It’s really hard to create a video when your best recording devices is a tie up between your phone and your laptop’s webcam. At first I considered trying to do a slideshow of stages of painting a model for this project, but after taking the first couple pictures while painting, I realized they were hardly better, so instead I stuck closer to the assignment and just did a short video of me actively doing the hobby. Still unfortunately can’t get good quality, but it went better in my opinion since the hobby was at least actively happening.

Week 9 in review

I got to do some writing this week again! Whoo, it was fairly fun, though I’ll be honest I was kind of disappointed at the lack of writing assignments for characters. I hope it was alright that I twisted some of the writing assignments to be usable in the context of our characters, especially in regards to my first assignment, “Space Reclamation” (probably not a great title). I also hope everyone’s alright with my short representation of their characters for “The Wild Seven” intro.



Space Reclamation

The Wild Seven

The Wild Seven Haiku