Radioshow prep

So we’re going to have to make a radioshow soon, and I think I’ve got a pretty good start on it. I’m pretty happy with the first commercial I made, and hopefully I can expand on my Mortician’s story to make it something worthy of the radioshow timeblock. I also made a poster for the Tombcast. We’ve discussed tombcast

meeting on xbox live to do recordings because they wish to use sound effects taken from some games. I am slightly worried about what we’re exactly going to do, we’re kinda split between doing a bit of a talk show sort of thing, or a comedic radio play. I think the thing we’re all worried about is how to make enough content for the whole time period.┬áThe group seems cool though and after this project is over I’ll have a couple more people to play xbox 1 games with!

One thought on “Radioshow prep”

  1. You could go meta and do a comedic radio play about a talk show, or vice versa. Both ideas have lots of possibilities, and it should be pretty easy to make them intersect.

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