Week 7 in review

So last week was a tough week. Breaking my leg on Wednesday kind of overwhelmed all other school work I was doing and Week 6 ended up getting literally nothing except a single daily create on tuesday, but I’m back now, and with all of week 7 nicely completed! I’ve gotten more comfortable with Audacity and I sorta had fun making the tombcast poster. Anything involving listening to music I love is also alright in my book, so even though I made a fool of myself ‘singing’ to sympathy for the devil, I still had fun doing it. Anyhow, here’s my work. Side note, I just realized I didn’t actually upload the picture alongside my response to Thursday’s daily create, oops! here it is anyway.



Poor singing of The Rolling Stones Sympathy For The Devil

Come listen to Tombcast Radio!

Radioshow prep

Buy saddles today! Radio commercial

A Friendly Talk With The Sheriff Starring Mr. Crawlston

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