History with photography

I’ll just say it now, I’m not a big fan of photography at all.

Yes, of course it can be beautiful, and it can be art, and all that…

But I think that all the wannabes with an expensive camera have made me a bit cynical, there are way too any people that  take a picture of a flower with a filter and call it art, and even worse, all the crummy images that blow up on social media.

But honestly, what I dislike most about it is that it takes away from the moment of things, seriously, when I see something spectacular, I want to get the experience of seeing it, not looking at it through some lens (or screen) for 15 minutes, during which time something that should be spectacular becomes an exercise in the mundane as someone tries to get that *perfect* artistic or picturesque shot. I now no longer have an ACTUAL memory of this place, I have a cheap physical “memory”.

Of course, a quick snap in passing is fine, but it should not take more than a minute to get that picture…So yeah, you can definitely tell I do not have a style