Audio reflection

Sound is of course hugely important to media, discussion, emotion, etc. I can entirely agree to that line of thought, give a sad moment, say a character leaving forever or sacrificing them self an appropriate piece of music to accompany it and it will go from being sad to being a massive emotional hammer blow. I’m not certain I agree that giving a happy scene happy music makes it all that much happier (as the seal example in the TED talk prior to the speaker saying it depressed her would seem to indicate), but maybe that’s just because its more subtle, or you’re just paying less attention to the sound when something happy happens as opposed to when something sad happens. The absence of sound is also important, for it certainly did emphasize the shock of the TED speaker saying it seemed depressing.

When the radio show continued on though, I found myself quickly losing interest, and I doubt that even if it did continue on in the clip presented, I would have kept listening. Unlike what Jab said, I cannot find myself able to keep interested in just a voice talking, I get restless, I want to do other things, but if I do other things I end up focusing more on that than the voice and whatever they’re saying just becomes brief, meaningless snippets. At the very least I need the visual element of being able to watch the person speak, like Jab or Ira to keep my attention. You’ll probably never find me listening to an audio book or talk show radio, it’ll almost always be music because I do not need to focus on it to enjoy it, and if I do want to focus on it, I can focus at any point and understand and enjoy the music for that moment, where as with radio shows or the like, I’ll just hear a random sentence without context that can easily be devoid of meaning without having heard the previous bits of the conversation. Of course, I’m by no means saying that radio’s dead, I know for a fact that many people still adore it, or listen in to non musical entertainment that is still audio only, but to me it was hardly ever alive.

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