Miner’s Misfortune How To

Whoo, so the final project is DONE.


So to run my little story, you will have to go through a couple of steps, but don’t worry! They’re pretty simple. Go to this website here and download the option that says Netbeans Platform SDK, this is an Integrated Development Environment that lets you run and edit code, in this case, Java. Once you have it running and you’re in the IDE, go to the top of the program and click Team>Git>Clone as you can see in this picture


This will take you to this page

In the Repository URL field, put in this link https://github.com/ashran32/WildWest and leave the User, Password, and Clone into fields alone. On the next page select master branch if it’s not already selected

and finally select finish on this page

Now, select open project (or go to files>openproject and select WildWest), and then hit the green triangle button to run, it should look something like this

Now, you can look at the code, and see it run! You can even edit it if you wish!

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