What a second week

Whoo boy, did I almost goof up week two really hard! I figured looking over everything on Wednesday like I had last time would give me plenty of time to do everything (2 and a half whole days seemed like more than enough time!) I didn’t think things would pick up so rapidly!

Turns out I needed to turn in week 1’s stuff on Canvas, I needed to come up with ideas due that night, and I had 3 days to do 3 daily creates and 3 of the assignments! Then, what’s worse is because I fail at reading, I ended up doing three assignments from the same set before realizing I needed to do assignments from different sets! I feel fairly confident I pulled through though, other than my motivational poster which is a bit light on text (I don’t know what else to add as far as that’s concerned) but, boy, I got everything done! I even added an image of good ol’ Django to my side bar. I sort of like the current theme honestly though.

Next week: Start earlier!

Here’s my posts

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Here are my daily creates for the week

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